• Automatic colony counter

    Simple yet powerfull colony counter, for efficient and accurate plate counting

    PetrilyzerTM counts plates automatically. Neural network enables colony classification accoding to shape and color. New improved user interface ensures higher efficiency and accuracy. 


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  • 3D tracking of moving objects

    LabTrack3D is an add on to LabTrack. It reads 2 sets of 2D-Tracks created from 2 perpendicular cameras.

    An algorithm combines two sets of 2D-tracks into 3D tracks, which can be viewed in a 3D-graph.


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  • Counting of bacteria

    Counting and classification of bacteria in microscopic samples with reliable image analysis software including integrated neural network. 

    LabMicrobe is a specialized image analysis environment designed to fully automate the processing of images of bacteria and other microbes in microscopic preparations.

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  • Counting of organisms or particles

    Efficient and easy to use tool for counting of organisms or particles

    LabCellCount is an image analysis environment designed for processing of images of organisms, cells or particles. LabCellCount has been optimized for efficient and consistent analysis of macroscopic or microscope images.

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  • Tracking of moving objects

    LabTrack is powerful system for tracking moving organisms or objects between successive video frames.

    LabTrack can track hundreds of objects simultaneously, depending on the range of object velocities and the resolution of the video sequences.

BioRAS has supplied advanced software for research and environmental control since 1998. All BioRAS software is Windows 7 compatible.



Powerful system for tracking moving organisms or objects in digital video recordings.

LabTrack 2.3

LabTrack 3D

Combines 2 sets of 2D-Tracks from 2 cameras into a 3D track. 

LabTrack 3D


Counting and classification of organisms.


Automatic counting of bacteria in fluorescently stained samples


Colony counter

Simple yet powerfull colony counter, with built in neural network for colony classification accoding to shape.