Automatic colony counter and inhibition zone reader

Daphnia Magna

Daphnia Magna creates characteristic spiraling tracks, tracked and visualized with LabTrack

Macro 3D triangle

With the Macro 3D triangle it is easy to set up a 3D camera system

Petrilyzer Petri Dish

Automatic identification and classification of colonies on a media plate

LabTrack 3D Controlpanel

3D Tracks of copepods in a 70x70mm chamber

3D mounting rail

The 3D mounting rail allows quick and precise setup of 3D camera systems


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With the motion tracking equipment and the LabTrack motion analysis software it is easy to set up small scale and large scale experiments. The built in database function enables analysis of large datasets.

About us

We have developed image and motion analysis software since 1998. With backgrounds in microbiology, computing and physics, we have been able to develop strong tools for colony counting and motion analysis. Bioras has initiated projects related to aquaculture and monitoring of fish behavior, automatic quantification of live organisms in water for the shipping industry.

More about Bioras

LabTrack 4.3 has been released

The new version of LabTrack analyzes videos online (video streams in real time) or offline (saved video sequences). LabTrack 4.3 can handle multiple video sources for scheduled analysis, Graphical overlay of tracks on original video content, Intelligent algorithms for identifying movement in complex scenes, MS-SQL database integration for flexibility and for advanced analysis requirements.

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