Macro 3D triangle

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The Macro 3D triangle is a triangular platform for mounting a 3D camera system with 2 cameras perpendicular (at 90° angle) to each other. The setup is ideal for tracking of organisms in three-dimensions.

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3D camera system setup

With the Macro 3D triangle you can easily to set up a 3D camera system. Camera positions are pre-defined, and bolts for mounting cameras are included. This setup is ideal for analyzing the three dimensional (3D) behaviour of motile planktonic organisms such as Copepods, Artemia, Daphnia, fish fry ect.

Please note that Cameras, Netgear switch and measuring chamber are not included.


Polycarbonate platform

6 stainless steel screws (3 lengths)

Spacers for centering the cameras on the measuring chamber


Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 71 cm

Material: Polycarbonate

Weight: 1.2 kg


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